Wild Joy Emotion Potion

$ 68.00

Notes of Bergamot, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang and Pink Grapefruit. A ripe, juicy citrus scent.

Adorn yourself with this luscious potion for a spontaneous and playful heart and a soul floating in joy. Laugh with wild laughter that lifts your sadness and severs you from anger. Evokes energy and emotion as well as providing therapeutic healing powers. Each application is a personal, sacred and protective ritual.

Freshly blended with the finest 100% natural, certified organic and wildcrafted plant ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Grape Spirits (pure, triple filtered), fragrance (100% natural essential oil blend)

"One of the best parts about running Beauty Lies Truth is discovering new companies run by intrepid, passionate women. Jill Munson of Wolf's Eyelash is one of those women. Jill recently launched a line of four all-natural, nontoxic, plant based perfumes and we can't get enough of them. Jill is interested not just in making delicious smelling perfumes but in formulating plant-based essential oils in ways that evoke energy and emotion. She calls this connection "skin to soul" and each of her scents transcend the nose to offer uniquely therapeutic properties. My personal favorite is Wild Joy. It's both spicy and refreshing and feels like the perfect fall fragrance. Unlike synthetic fragrances, Jill's perfumes can be inhaled deeply without worrying about exposure to phthalates and other potentially irritating chemicals. We're thrilled that Jill has taken the time to share her insights on the thriving clean beauty industry and the details of her handcrafted formulations. Enjoy! Xoxo Alexis" Beauty Lies Truth