$ 45.00

Raw, local, fresh and whipped to creamy perfection. This wildflower honeycomb mask is simple to apply and leaves skin lusciously soft, supple and plumped with nutrient dense, dewy hydration. 


ALL skin types
Raw, fresh honeycomb harvested locally, directly from the hive
Plump skin and slow aging with honeycomb's intricate intelligence structure that restores the youthful proportion of water within the skin
Smooth wrinkles and promote new skin cell growth with rich antioxidants
Reduce acne and detox pores with potent antibacterial properties
Refresh, invigorate and brighten the complexion with rich humectant and smoothing elements
Relieve inflammation and soothe dry patches, eczema and irritated skin with concentrated botanical medicine
Deliver benefits to the internal layers of the skin with a proprietary delivery system 
Infuse the spirit with fertility, sexuality and the sweetness of life with ancient Bee Medicine 


    Fresh, local, raw, unprocessed and oozing with benefits. 

    Skillfully made by bees drinking the rich nectar from a profusion of local wildflowers
    Encompasses the essence of wild, medicinal plants with concentrated medicinal power.

    Nature's intelligence of the precise balance of honey to wax determined within the intricate structure of the honeycomb.  

    Bee Spirit Medicine gives us fertility, sexuality and the sweetness of life. Assisting us to live by manifesting our abilities in an abundance of creative work and goal achievement. No matter your dream, Bee’s medicine will help you manifest it. 

      INGREDIENTS: Raw Honeycomb, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter

      "It's nourishing to the soul ♡" - ROOTS THE BEAUTY UNDERGROUND