Manifest Destiny Emotion Potion

$ 68.00
Notes of Coriander, Myrtle and Pine. A mysterious, smoky, herbaceous scent.

Magical alchemy to actualize your soul purpose in life and tune into manifesting your personal destiny. Evokes energy and emotion as well as providing therapeutic healing powers. Each application is a personal, sacred and protective ritual.

Freshly blended with the finest 100% natural, certified organic and wildcrafted plant ingredients. 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Grape Spirits (pure, triple filtered), fragrance (100% natural essential oil blend)

"It's rich and mysterious and smoky and I can't quite put my finger on the plant smells in it. Pure magic encapsulated in a bottle. Thank you Jill for crafting amazing scents that are friendly to the earth and our bodies. Not only is the delightful herbaceous and smoky scent of Manifest Destiny one of my most favorite fragrances, but it also helps me tune my focus into my intentions and wishes." Mother Mountain Herbals