I’ve been making beauty products for major cosmetic companies for over 15 years and I am yet to experience a truly holistic product that sincerely understands and utilizes the power of plant medicine and even more specifically it's staggering influence over our emotions and our sacred soul! I created these Emotion Potions to not just smell nice, these perfumes access the power of the plants that have been proven over hundreds of years; this combined with your personal power and intentions make these not just a perfume, but beautiful bottles of magic. They are holistic potions brewed to nourish the self, spirit and mind with true medicine; evoking energy and emotion as well as providing therapeutic healing powers. 

Nature, plants, flowers; what beautiful gifts on this earth. I’ve always loved being amongst the plants and flowers and of course have always been enticed, relaxed, energized or nostalgic when I smell their scent. If I close my eyes and put a plumeria flower to my nose I am immediately transported to the soft, sandy shores of Hawaii. My mother’s fragrant rose garden brings feelings of love, innocence and nurturing to my heart, producing a smile that soars to my core.

Simple pleasures, yes, but as I started to study more deeply with plants a whole world of wonder opened before me. Plants offer us a wealth of medicine that though well utilized and understood hundreds of years ago, is now only practiced among small groups of wild, beautiful souls. The plant’s scent is a piece of the healing medicine it gives us. Working with it is a true gift.


Understanding a basic anatomy of the human brain and how it connects to smell will get us on our way to seeing the power plant scent has over us. Most of us know that certain smells bring us back to a memory or inspire a smile or help us relax. Well the basic chemistry goes like this. The scent travels up our nose by-passing the verbal, conscious mind and directly targeting the the inner mind corresponding to a primitive structure in the center of the brain, formerly called the 'olfactory brain' or the 'smell brain' and now termed the 'limbic system'. This is the area of the brain that controls emotion and mood states. It is closely integrated with the olfactory pathways. So intimate that smell directly corresponds to an emotion within us.

Sure, perfume is nice, and I’m referring to only pure, all natural perfume. Synthetic fragrance is far from nice, one whiff and I have an instant headache; when I was pregnant I couldn't go near it. Why such an extreme reaction? Most synthetic fragrance contains phthalates (THAL-ates) which have been shown to disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm counts, and cause reproductive malformation, and have been linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity. Additionally, studies have shown a link of fetal exposure with autism, ADHD, and neurological disorders. Need I say more? Unfortunately the vast majority of fragrance is synthetic with a lengthy list of ingredients we can’t pronounce, long shelf lives and a far cry from the roses in my mother’s garden.

Of course I carefully craft each Emotion Potion using only pure and natural, certified organic, wildcrafted and biodynamic ingredients. I use only the fresh stuff straight from the source as it is far more potent, just as you would when mixing up a yummy salad.

To get you started on this magical journey, I created four Emotion Potions that do far more than smell nice.  Love Light-- to instigate radiating love that lights up the world, heals a broken heart and ignites a flame of hope in all directions of time. Spirit Fire-- to actively live as you truly are in the pureness of your core self. Wild Joy-- spontaneous and playful, with a buoyant heart and a soul floating in joy. Laugh with wild laughter that lifts your sadness and severs you from anger. Manifest Destiny-- actualize your soul purpose in life, make it happen! Each application of these holistic potions is a personal, sacred and protective ritual feeding the self, spirit and mind with beautiful healing powers.

I invite you to try them out and see how they unfold in your life.